Turn your education into an adventure by studying abroad in a beautiful city Montreal, New York, Los Angeles!! At PTCS, students get the best of both worlds: a life-changing academic experience in a multicultural environment and an adventure in the vibrant cities of the United States or Canada.

  • Study at any of our picturesque campus on the banks of the Tiber River in the central Trastevere neighborhood, within walking distance of most famous attractions;
  • Choose from over 350 courses in business, humanities, communications, art history, the social sciences, and more that transfer easily to U.S. universities;
  • Debate with and learn from your professors and classmates from over 70 countries in our small, dynamic classes;
  • Make international friends by joining our student organizations, athletics teams, community service programs and trips throughout the countries;
  • Explore the rich history and cultural developments through on-site classes, internships, and research opportunities;
  • Broaden your perspective while gaining valuable adaptation capabilities for lasting personal benefits and a competitive advantage in the global workforce;
  • Live in top class apartment housing, surrounded by locals, and immersed in the city’s uniquely fascinating culture.

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