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Financial Asistance
In helping our clients to determine whether we can be of help financially in their quest to study abroad, we look for a question or a statement from them. If after we have discussed the offerings and the benefits of each program if your statement is “I can’t afford it,” we wish for you a good day and blessings in all your endeavors. But if your question is, “How can I afford it?” we are happy to discuss the many avenues in which you can obtain assistance and work with you in achieving the finances you need to achieve your goals.

We partner with financial donors in different countries to make this possible. Only when you comply, obey and cooperate with the rules and regulations of these overseas organizations, will these programs be beneficial to you.

As a consulting organization, we do not only assist persons wanting to study abroad but for individuals ages 18-99 seeking financial help to do whatever they want to do. In most cases, these assistances are for the whole family in any country of the world.

An application requires you to fill a simple form and deposit the required fees for registration. Your application will be sent to the organization abroad for consideration and registration. You will be advised by e-mail of the decision and how to start earning the assistance you require. In applying to these organizations, you are agreeing to abide by their rules and regulations which you will attest to by signing the agreement/s.

Should you need financial aid, kindly contact PTCS for a listing of their international financial assistance information, study them and apply to the one or more that will meet your needs. One of our team members will gladly assist you.

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    Although some payments are done member to member, most payments are done online by credit or debit cards. (NB) Debit and Credit Cards must have a security number and an expiry date. Deadlines are to be adhered to and all documents requested submitted.

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    Update: 26 December 2016

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