With PTCS, you can study at Colleges and Universities in Canada and the United States at an affordable cost. Join College of the Rockies in British Columbia (COTR) in Canada, a College that is #1 in Canada and #1 in the world for International Students Satisfaction. Their tuition fees are affordable and you have the chance to graduate after two years, entering any University of your choice in Canada, USA and other countries of the world. Your credits are transferable. College of the Rockies offers Diplomas in a variety of Programs, Associate Degrees in the Arts and Sciences, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration among other Programs.

Students with a Bachelor’s Degree with a GPA of 2.79 and over from an accredited University, can study and work full – time Curricular Practical Training (CPT) earning while you study. These opportunities are offered by at least six Universities in the United States. For these Universities, PTCS will assist you with your application, processing, visa application. Our processing is fast and effective. In all of the above, PTCS offers you continuous support while you are in the USA and Canada studying.

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